TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer 30kHz to 300MHz

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The TrewMac TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer 30kHz to 300MHz shares many similarities with the TE3000 Vector Impedance Analyzer, however, it differs in two very important ways. The unit is supplied with a female N type connector output allowing direct connection of coaxial cable. The variable output signal strength is 10x greater than the TE3000, reaching 1Vpp across the entire frequency range.

•One Port
•30kHz to 300MHz
•RS 232 & USB Interface


Product Description:

The TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer 30kHz to 300MHz is a versatile, portable test instrument which enables the user to make highly accurate impedance measurements from Low Frequencies (LF) through Very High Frequencies (VHF). This device is designed for field professionals with a deep understanding of calibration and specific network analysis tasks.

Equipped with an N type male connector interface, the TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer ensures compatibility with standard network analysis requirements. Its robust design includes a stronger output signal compared to the TE3000, providing exceptional noise immunity in challenging environments.

The package includes a 3-piece male N and 3-piece female N calibration kits, allowing users to eliminate the impact of linear test fixtures or transmission lines, resulting in unparalleled measurement accuracy. Additionally, a tweezer attachment and corresponding calibration kit are available for precise component or crystal characterization (not included).

Featuring user variable averaging, versatile display formats, and the option for battery or mains power, the TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer is an ideal choice for broadcast and plasma applications, offering both field and workshop measurement capabilities.

Enhancing the construction is the TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer software, which offers a comprehensive range of formats and charts for rapid analysis. The software interfaces seamlessly via a simple USB connection and boasts features such as Smith charts, multi-series plotting, difference plotting, curve smoothing, annotations, cursors, time domain reflectometry, and interference spectrum scanning.

Calibration Certificate and CE Certification included with every meter purchase.


  • Frequency range: 0.03 MHz -300 MHz
  • Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
  • Frequency accuracy: +/-10 ppm
  • Output Signal: User adjustable to 150% – Normal output (100%) is 1 Vpp open circuit
  • Input Protection: Diodes begin clamping the input signal at 4 Vpp – Max input voltage is 50VDC or AC peak
  • Source Impedance: Approximately 35 Ω
  • Measurement Resolution:
    Z: Three significant figures to 0.001Ω, 0.1 degrees
    C: Three significant figures to 0.1pF
    L: Three significant figures to 0.1nH
    S11: Three significant figures to 0.001magnitude,  0.1 degrees
  • Battery: Capacity: 2.2 Ah, ~2 hours of battery operation at full charge. Charging time: 20 min
  • Measurement probe: Front panel type N connections
  • Interface: USB
  • Weight: 4.19lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.84 in W x 7.87 in D x 3.15 in H



  • UK/US/EU Mains power pack
  • D-9-D9 Serial Communications Cable
  • USB cable
  • Male Short, Male Open, Male 50R
  • Female Short, Female Open, Female to Female Adaptor
  • Java based PC software  USB with Operation Manual
  • Protective hard carry case with shoulder strap
  • Calibration Certificate

Common Applications:

  • Antenna tuning
  • Cable tuning / stub tuning
  • Plasma chamber tuning
  • Balun tuning
  • Impedance matching
  • LCR meter
  • Interference scanning
  • Cable fault finding