TE3001 RF Network Analyzer

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The TrewMac TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer shares many similarities with the TE3000 Vector Impedance Analyzer, however, it differs in two very important ways. The unit is supplied with a female N type connector output allowing direct connection of coaxial cable. The variable output signal strength is 10x greater than the TE3000, reaching 1Vpp across the entire frequency range.

•One Port
•30kHz to 300MHz
•RS 232 & USB Interface


Product Description

The TE3001 vector impedance analyzer is a versatile, portable test instrument which enable the user to make highly accurate impedance measurements from Low Frequencies (LF) through Very High Frequencies (VHF).

The TE3000-series of RF vector network analyzers have full vector measurement capability and accurately resolves the resistive, capacitive and inductive components of a load. The user can display the vector impedance plus a range of related parameters including SWR, reflection coefficient, return loss and R-L-C equivalent circuit.


Frequency range: 0.03 MHz -300 MHz
Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
Frequency accuracy: +/-10 ppm
Output Signal: User adjustable to 150%
 – Normal output (100%) is 1 V pp open circuit
Input Protection:Diodes begin clamping the input signal at 4 V pp – Max input voltage is 50 V DC or AC peak
Source Impedance: Approximately 35 Ω
Measurement Resolution:
Z: Three significant figures to 0.001Ω, 0.1 degrees
C: Three significant figures to 0.1pF
L: Three significant figures to 0.1nH
S11: Three significant figures to 0.001magnitude,  0.1 degrees
Battery: Capacity: 2.2 Ah, `2 hours of battery operation at full charge. Charging time: 20 min
Measurement probe: Front panel type N connections
Interface: USB
Weight: 4.19lbs
Dimensions: 9.84 in W x 7.87 in D x 3.15 in H