CPC Primer Concentrate 33.8 oz

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Achieve surface perfection with the CPC Primer Concentrate. Designed to prep surfaces for carbon paints, this high-quality primer enhances adhesion, consolidation, and penetration. Ideal for challenging coatings, it’s compatible with graphite shielding paints too.


Product Description

Prepare surfaces with precision using the specialized CPC RF Primer Concentrate. This high-quality primer concentrate is skillfully designed for optimal coordination with the CPC RF Shielding paints and other carbon paints. It excels in priming old coats of paint, brittle surfaces, chalky substrates, and absorbent materials. With consolidation and adhesion enhancement properties, this primer boasts excellent penetration and regulates absorbency. Its compatibility extends to shielding paints, including CPC-54 RF Shielding Paint, for a flawless application of problematic mineral coatings.


  • Consolidation and Adhesion: Specially formulated CPC primer concentrate for surface preparation with carbon paints
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for priming old coats of paint, brittle, chalky, and absorbent substrates
  • Enhanced Performance: Provides consolidation, adhesion promotion, and effective penetration
  • Regulates Absorbency: Maintains optimal absorbency for consistent coating performance
  • Compatibility with RF Shielding Paint: Designed for seamless application with CPC-54 and YSHIELD® RF Shielding Paints
  • Mineral Coating Support: Recommended for challenging applications of mineral coatings on graphite shielding paints
  • Manufactured by YSHIELD® in Germany.


How to use CPC Primer Concentrate:

  • Mix 1 liter (33.814 oz) of concentrate with 4 liters (135.256 oz) of water to yield 5 liters (169.07 oz) of primer
  • Suitable for use with tap water within 48 hours
  • Apply using a high-quality paint roller
  • Avoid application at temperatures below 41°F
  • Consumption varies based on substrate characteristics and absorbency
  • Typical interior productivity: 403.6 sq ft
  • Typical exterior productivity: 269.1 sq ft


  • Interior
  • Exterior



All CPC shielding paints and primer products undergo rigorous monitoring by TÜV-SÜD. Every step of the production process, from quality control to emission behavior and the responsible use of preservatives, is closely examined. Rest assured that this certification ensures a commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental standards.

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