YSHIELD® Magnetic Field Shielding Film – MCL61

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Magnetic Field Shielding Film is sold by the meter, delivered as a continuous piece rather than individual meters.


Shield low-frequency magnetic fields with ease using Magnetic Field Shielding Film SM-10YJ (MCL61). With 30 dB attenuation (97%), this amorphous cobalt alloy film provides superior shielding. Easy to install and cut with scissors, it’s the perfect solution for efficient shielding in large areas.


Product Description

Introducing the Magnetic Field Shielding Film SM-10YJ (MCL61) – your ultimate solution for shielding low-frequency magnetic fields with 30 dB attenuation (97%). Crafted from an amorphous cobalt alloy, this novel shielding film not only shields low-frequency alternating magnetic fields (LF) but also low-frequency electric alternating fields (LF) and high-frequency fields (HF). Unlike traditional shielding foils, Magnetic Field Shielding Film MCL61 offers superior shielding with constant attenuation even under high mechanical stress. With a width of 24.02 inches (61 cm) and a weight of 265 g/m², this corrosion-resistant film ensures efficient shielding in large areas, providing enhanced protection without compromising on flexibility.


  • Superior Shielding: Offers 30 dB attenuation (97%) for efficient shielding of low-frequency magnetic fields.
  • Amorphous Cobalt Alloy: Crafted from a cobalt alloy for superior performance and durability.
  • Constant Attenuation: Maintains consistent attenuation even under high mechanical stress.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Laminated for protection, ensuring corrosion resistance even in humid environments.
  • Wide Width: With a width of 24.02 inches (61 cm), it shields large areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy Installation: Can be cut with scissors and easily installed using high-viscous assembly adhesive.


  • Width: 24.02 inches (61 cm)
  • Length: By the meter / 20 m roll / 65.62 ft roll / 21.87 yards roll
  • Attenuation LF Magnetic Field: 30 dB (97%)
  • Attenuation HF: 70 dB
  • Weight: 265 g/m²
  • Material Thickness: 0.1 mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Materials: Polyester, Co, Fe, Mo, Nb, Si, B
  • Permeability: μ 2 = 10,000; μ 4 = 25,000; μ max. = 100,000;
  • Saturation Polarization Bs: 0.55 T
  • Coercive Field Strength Hc: 0.5 A/m
  • Remanence Br/Bs: 0.7
  • Curie Temperature Tc: 225 °C
  • Manufacturer: YSHIELD®