YSHIELD® Polyester RF Shielding Fleece – HNV100

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Achieve maximum RF shielding with the Polyester RF Shielding Fleece – SM-10YF (HNV100). Offering up to 103 dB attenuation against HF and LF, this versatile fleece is perfect for walls, ceilings, and floors. Recommended for roller and brush applications, it ensures comprehensive protection, especially effective against 5G frequencies. Highly recommended for robust shielding solutions.

Polyester Shielding Fleece is sold by the meter, delivered as a continuous piece rather than individual meters.

Product Description

Introducing the YSHIELD® Polyester RF Shielding Fleece – SM-10YF (HNV100) – your ultimate solution for versatile RF shielding applications. This fleece, made from thermally bonded fine metalized polyester, offers maximum shielding against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). With an outstanding attenuation of 103 dB, it’s our highest RF shielding fleece, suitable for professional and private use. Ideal for walls, ceilings, and floors in data centers, laboratories, TEMPEST rooms, and private spaces. It can be glued using suitable adhesives like Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive or stapled to surfaces. The fleece is 90 cm wide and weighs 70 g/m², ensuring exceptional shielding without compromising on convenience. Ready for 5G frequencies, it provides effective shielding against all 5G frequencies.


  • Maximum Shielding: Thermally bonded fine metalized polyester fleece for maximum RF shielding.
  • Exceptional Attenuation: Offers 103 dB attenuation, ensuring unparalleled protection.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for walls, ceilings, and floors in data centers, laboratories, TEMPEST rooms, and private use.
  • Durable Construction: Lightweight yet durable, with a weight of 70 g/m².
  • Ready for 5G: Shields all 5G frequencies effectively, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Easy Installation: Can be glued with suitable adhesives or stapled to surfaces.


  • Width: 35.43 inches (90 cm.)
  • Length: Sold by the meter / 100 m per roll/ 109. 36 yards per roll / 328.08 ft per roll
  • Attenuation: Up to 103 dB 1 GHz
  • Weight: 70 g/m2
  • Material Thickness: 0.63 inches
  • Color: Gray / Brown
  • Tensile Strength: 90 lbf
  • Materials: Polyester, copper, nickel
  • Surface Conductivity: 0.01 ohm (square resistance)
  • Manufacturer: YSHIELD®



  • Interior use for walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Suitable for data centers, laboratories, TEMPEST rooms, and private use
  • Can be used as intermediate wallpaper, for drywall constructions, or loosely laid to shield devices

Processing Instructions:

  • Use commercially available dispersion glue for application as wallpaper
  • Apply glue with a paint roller on the wall and the backside of the material
  • Insert the material wet on wet, fix it manually, and use a gummed roller to get a crease-free surface
  • Can also be laid loosely under floor coverings or stapled in drywall constructions
  • Overlap strips for effective electrical connection and grounding