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Unlock versatility with the PMR 3030 EXT RF Power Meter, designed for measuring both forward and reflected power across communication bands spanning from 30-1,000 MHz. With its wide power measurement range and convenient I/O options, it ensures accurate results and effortless data transfer. The compact, battery-operated design guarantees portability. Trust in dependable RF power measurements with the PMR 3030 EXT.

Please be aware that the accessory kit (#3030-ACC), featuring a soft carrying bag, car charger, and coax adapters for standard types, is available upon request and is sold separately for added convenience.


Product Description

The PMR 3030 EXT RF Power Meter is very versatile instrument covering communication bands from 30-1000 MHz. (The previous model PMR 3030 was available for 30-500 MHz only). The PMR Power Meter is capable of measuring forward and reflected power in the range of a few milliwatts up to 500 Watts.

The internal operating system controls measurement, display and the I/Os allowing serial communication to PC, USB to memory stick and USB Serial communication. The I/O options are used to write plots to either memory sticks or to a connected PC, the I/Os can also be used to operate the instrument, giving commands and receiving data. For documentation reference the PMR 3030 EXT RF Power Meter has a real time clock. Multilayer menus are used to setup and control the operation of parameters.

The PMR RF Power Meter instrument is small, handy and light weight battery operated with more than 5 hours of continuous operation on the internal NiMh cells. Feature with XML data handling and application viewer is included.

Please note that the accessory kit (#3030-ACC), which includes a soft carrying bag, car charger, and coax adapters for standard types, is available upon request and is sold separately.


  • Forward Power
  • Antenna and Cable VSWR
  • Antenna and Cable Return Loss
  • Measure forward power
  • Measure reflected power
  • Use in direct sunlight
  • Back light for dim areas
  • Auto Power off
  • Setup by Menu system
  • Operate while charging
  • Calibration Certificate
  • CE Certification

Specifications Overview:

  • Frequency range:             30 MHz to 1000 MHz
  • Directivity:                        >30dB (30MHz to 500MHz)
  • Mainline VSWR:              < 1.05:1
  • VSWR range:                    1:1 – 9:1
  • Power range:                     1.5 mW to 100W (500W Manual)
  • Counter resolution:         100 kHz (Auto)
  • Impedance:                       50Ω
  • Connectors:                       2 x “N” Female
  • Display resolution:          128×64 pixels
  • Calibration storage:         Internal
  • USB Serial device (B type)
  • Operating time:                approx. 5 hours


  • Fast RF Power measurements
  • Handheld
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged design
  • Cost effective
  • Document the performance of your antenna
  • Text display