MVG EME Guard XS RF Pulse Radar

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Specifically designed to alert workers operating near radar transmitters of RF exposures, the unique EME Guard XS Radar is an RF pulse measuring device.

  • Calibration Certificate and CE Certification Included
  • One Year Warranty

Product Description

MVG EME Guard XS RF Pulse Radar – 80 MHz – 30 GHz

Experience unrivaled safety and peace of mind with the MVG EME Guard XS Radar. Specifically designed to protect workers operating in the vicinity of radar transmitters, this cutting-edge RF Pulse Radar sets a new standard in RF exposure monitoring. With its advanced technology and precise measurements, it provides real-time alerts, ensuring that individuals are promptly notified of any potential risks. The MVG EME Guard XS Radar goes beyond basic safety requirements, offering comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it easy to use and understand. Stay ahead of RF exposures and safeguard your team with the MVG EME Guard XS Radar.


  • Measurements up to 30 GHz
  • Continuous monitoring of radio frequency levels with isotropic tri-axis E-field sensors
  • Suited to known, single emitter environments
  • RF level relative to pre-selected reference voltage indicated by colored LED’s
  • Audio and visual alarms triggered when RF voltage exceeds the reference level
  • Detection of short duration signals typical of beam-forming antennas
  • Robust, reliable and user-friendly
  • One Year Warranty