Digital Smart Fieldmeter® Communications RF Survey System

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The EMCTD Digital Smart Fieldmeter® is a high-quality and cost-effective FCC/OSHA Compliance RF survey system. With an easy-to-read and operate design, it features a broadband-shaped response electromagnetic probe covering the 0.1 to 8000 MHz spectrum. This system allows for the direct measurement of maximum permitted exposure levels in various environments, offering flexibility and accuracy in RF field measurements.


Product Description

The EMCTD Digital Smart Fieldmeter® is a state-of-the-art RF survey system designed for compliance with FCC and OSHA standards. With an easy-to-read and operate digital Smart Fieldmeter®, this system features a broadband-shaped response electromagnetic probe covering the 0.1 to 8000 MHz spectrum. It allows for the direct measurement of maximum permitted general and occupational exposure levels, even in multi-emitter environments.

Whether used around cellular towers, rooftop antennas, WiFi, DAS, small cell access points, RFID systems, or industrial and medical equipment, the DIGPE-8000 RF survey system ensures accurate quantification of exposures in percent of permitted. It supports laboratory testing of RF devices in compliance with present EMC and RF safety standards.

The system includes extension ports for remote metering, data logging, and fiberoptic isolation options. With a rechargeable 55-hour battery or external power, it facilitates unattended monitoring. Internal data logging, a removable memory card, time and spatial averaging, auto-zero, and auto-ranging functions provide maximum measurement flexibility.

In addition to its comprehensive features, the system boasts a compact size, making it easy to use and transport. With a UK NPL (UK National Physics Lab) traceable calibration, the system guarantees accuracy and reliability. The DIGPE-8000 RF survey system is designed and made in the USA, ensuring high-quality manufacturing standards.


  • Long-Lasting Power: The kit includes a 55-hour rechargeable battery pack for extended field use, ensuring continuous operation without power concerns.
  • Rugged Protection: Safeguard your analyzer with a durable and impact-resistant carrying case, providing secure protection during transport for fieldwork and travel.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: The kit features an external antenna and a set of adapter cables for improved signal reception and versatile connectivity in various RF survey system environments.
  • Stable Support: Utilize the quick-release tripod for stable support during stationary measurements, offering swift setup and takedown for efficient fieldwork.
  • Convenient Portability: The carrying strap provides hands-free portability, allowing you to carry your analyzer effortlessly during on-the-go measurements.
  • Adapter Cables Set: Ensure compatibility with various interfaces using the comprehensive set of high-quality adapter cables included in the kit.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Preserve optimal performance with the cleaning kit, keeping your analyzer free from dirt and debris for accurate and long-lasting functionality.
  • Guided Operation: The included user manual provides comprehensive guidance on setup, operation, and maintenance, ensuring successful measurements and troubleshooting.


  • RFP-05 M Digital Smart Fieldmeter® RF Survey System
  • Power Supply, wall, US
  • 1 x Probe variant: PI-SH-ICNIRP or PI-SH-FCC
    •  Frequency range: 100KHz-8 GHz (Occupational exposure)
    • 10 MHz-8 GHz (General public: ICNIRP)
    • 3 MHz-8 GHz (General population: FCC)
  • User Manual
  • Mounting clip, probe
  • Carrying case, hard side, compartmented
  • Stand, non-metallic portable
  • Certificate, probe calibration
  • Cable, probe coaxial 39” (1.0m)
  •  One year limited warranty