CPC-GS Grounding Straps

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Experience effective, long-term grounding with the Self-Adhesive Grounding Strap. Crafted from advanced netting technology, this strap boasts conductive glue for versatile application on shielding paints, fleeces, and nettings. Its ultra-slim 0.11mm profile remains discreet, while its corrosion-resistant build ensures durability. Choose from CPC-GS10 (32.8 ft) or CPC-GS50 (164 ft) lengths for reliable crack bridging and superior grounding.


Product Description

Designed using an advanced netting technology, the CPC-GS10 and CPC-GS50 options provide 10m and 50m lengths respectively, offering comprehensive coverage for your needs. With a width of 25mm and an ultra-thin thickness of only 0.11mm, this grounding strap remains discreet and virtually invisible under shielding paints, fleeces, or nettings.

Thanks to the electrically conductive glue, you can now adhere the strap not only under but also directly onto shielding materials, making it versatile and perfect for challenging surfaces. Its corrosion-resistant properties guarantee durability over time.

Experience hassle-free application with a recommended plastic scraper. Crafted from high-quality polyester, copper, and nickel materials, backed by conductive acrylic glue with exceptional adhesive strength, our Self-Adhesive Grounding Strap ensures reliable and effective grounding in even the toughest conditions.


  • Self-adhesive grounding strap with conductive glue for long-term grounding
  • Utilizes advanced netting technology
  • Available in CPC-GS10 (32.8 ft) or CPC-GS50 (164 ft) lengths for comprehensive coverage
  • Width of 25mm and an ultra-thin 0.11mm thickness for discreet application
  • Adheres to shielding paints, fleeces, and nettings, both under and on the surface
  • Suitable for challenging and difficult surfaces
  • Corrosion-resistant build ensures durability and reliability
  • Materials include polyester, copper, and nickel for robust performance
  • Backed by conductive acrylic glue with high adhesive strength
  • Recommended for use with a plastic scraper for easy application and optimal results


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