RF Safety Monitor Recalibration

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Most manufacturers recommend a functional RF Safety Monitor Recalibration or recertification every two years. This is computed from the date of first use (customer delivery) or from the date of the calibration certificate included in the original purchase if delivery records do not exist.

LBA maintains a lab facility is dedicated to the testing of SafeOne®, fieldSENSE and MVG monitors. Monitor tests are supervised by iNARTE-certified EMC engineers.

LBA pays return shipping charges within the 48 contiguous United States.

Please enter the serial number(s) for the unit to be recalibrated. For multiple units please separate with a semicolon


Product Description

What is included in an LBA RF Safety Monitor Recalibration?

Each submitted monitor is given a physical exam. If in physically good shape, the batteries are replaced, and the monitor is cycled through its functions. Successfully passing this performance check, the RF monitor is positioned in an RF test chamber. Calibrated RF fields are applied and tested.

On successful completion of the recertification sequence, a date sticker is applied, a pass-fail record of tests is completed, and the monitor and documentation are returned to the submitter ready to be placed back in service.

If the monitor fails to pass at any point, or if problems are found that would suggest end-of-life, the submitter is notified with options. As a practical matter, repairs may be expected to be a significant part of the cost relative to a new monitor and are not recommended. Because of the safety hazard presented, known defective monitors should never be returned to service, and should be destroyed to avoid inadvertent use.

It is our policy to extend a 50% rebate on test charges. This rebate comes in the form of credit towards a new monitor purchase from an LBA Group Company.

For more information about monitor recalibration and certification please click here to visit our calibration information page over at LBAGroup.com